Since 1948

High Jewelery Creations


About Us

B as Beauty and Brilliance… from this artistic fusion the B of Balistreri comes to life. One of the most evocative brands of Italian high jewelery.


High Jewelery Creations

A torrent of passion, a river of creativity and the desire to satisfy the most ambitious dreams of our customers: this has allowed Balistreri Gioielli D'arte to create unique pieces in the world.

Our history

"The most beautiful drawing is always hidden in a white sheet"
Aurelio Balistreri



Pure diamonds and selected precious stones dance and align themselves through romantic and modern compositions; a concert of drawings and lights that turns into magnificent collections.

Innovative processes

Our incessant desire for innovation has always been projected on the search for new shapes and materials to be experimented for the creation of original and extremely current objects. For this reason, for many years, we have also created jewels in carbon and titanium, we use laser processing and fire painting, a choice that recognizes us as the avant-garde in the sector.


Diamonds Nature's Miracle

One of the most prestigious prizes in world High Jewelery was won by the Balistreri atelier for a magnificent necklace made for the occasion.

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