About Us

Since 1948 we have been creating unique pieces and high jewelery collections. The conception, design and processing, rigorously handmade by the best artisans in the field of Italian goldsmithing, make our jewels exclusive thanks to the careful selection of always pure and superior quality stones.

Our Atelier is in the center of Rome and is made up of a very close-knit and creative team, constantly looking for original and innovative lines that make our jewels inimitable.

Diamonds Nature's Miracle

In October 2004 the Balistreri atelier won the first prize for Italy at the Design competition and International Exhibition "Diamonds: Nature's Miracle" for the creation of "Glittering lights", this is the name of the precious necklace designed by Maria Gioia Capolei.



The wonderful award-winning piece of jewelery is a flexible mesh choker made of white and yellow gold with 51.51 carats of white diamonds and 31.89 carats of natural yellow diamonds.

The awards ceremony, sponsored by the Diamond Trading Company, the largest diamond company in the world, took place in the splendid setting of the Cini Foundation, in Venice, with the presence of many international stars.

The clean but sophisticated line imprinted on the drawings, stylistic imprint of the founder Aurelio Balistreri and of us daughters, has allowed the maison to be the reference point of world high jewelery also thanks to an accurate planning and a design that refers to the beauty of art and the undisputed ability of the great goldsmith masters.


Compositions of pearls, diamonds and precious stones


Not all diamonds are the same. Their purity and skill in processing determines their luster. This is why we always choose the best, only those capable of radiating brightness beyond imagination.




An element that has always distinguished our work was the search for alternative materials and a continuous experimentation of new processing techniques. This constant commitment has allowed us to be at the forefront since the 70s, when we were among the first to propose creations in painted gold and, more recently, the use of materials such as titanium, carbon and processing. laser.


A gift always has a meaning, a jewel has a special one. This is why we offer the possibility of creating something unique, customizing designs that can illuminate feelings in an unforgettable moment.


The refined design that distinguishes our works has allowed, over the years, to guarantee the charm of unique and inimitable pieces. In the salons and gala dinners of the international jet set our creations have often shone just as they have been chosen and worn by the world aristocracy for ceremonies and important events.


The undisputed success achieved by the atelier was the right recognition for the creativity of our family but also the result of the work of talented designers, goldsmiths and all collaborators, who together with us contributed to making our jewels perfect.


In the last decade the collections they have been enriched with proposals capable of satisfying new trends and also enhancing the simplicity of everyday elegance. We design and manufacture unique and exclusive pieces to meet the needs of each customer and we have always collaborated with jewelers and ateliers to offer, on commission, the best of Italian jewelery.

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