Alternative Craftsmanship


Driven by the desire for innovation, we have achieved extraordinary results thanks to constant research: we were among the first, for example, to understand the potential of titanium.


The lightness and versatility of this metal allow you to create very large even if very light jewels.

The shades of color obtained with this process are surprising, impossible to achieve with traditional metals such as gold or platinum.


Another innovative material that we use for very original creations is carbon. The black color and the silky texture of this element marries beautifully with the brilliance of the diamond, thus giving life to elegant and fascinating compositions.

Laser cutting

The laser processing on semi-precious stones allows for a perfect engraving: an extraordinary technique that we have adopted to create magical designs as the basis for inlays in gold, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and other precious stones.

Painted Gold

The painted gold processing is very particular, made with an artisanal metal covering process that produces extraordinary and surprising effects on the jewel. The technique is that of fire painting, the same used by body builders for cars, which allows the use of all possible shades of color.

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